This website documents & tells the story of resident Gail Pfistner and her family who live in the very lovely neighborhood of Lighthouse Point Florida. Unfortunately Gail and her family have had a bad experience for many years with their neighbors. They have been harassed, threatened, mentally tortured and abused. This website has been built for lawyers and law enforcement to have easy access to the many hours of audio that documents these many events.

Police protection for perpetrators provided by Detective Larry Hawkins, Commander Michael Oh, and former Police Chief Kim Tierney.

Legal protection for perpetrators provided by the Law Firm of Buschel, Carter, Schwartzeich,& Yates.

The Lighthouse Point Police Policy of protecting and sanctioning the harassment and stalking of the
perpetrators was defiant, devious, and well maintained.

The victims were forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars to counteract the perpetrators and the Lighthouse Point Police Policy.

Legal rep. for the City Of Lighthouse Point., Atty. E. Bruce Johnson of Johnson,
Anselmo, Murdoch, etal. argues that the City Of Lighthouse Point is not responsible for negligent actions of govt. employees.

The mind-set of the perpetrators is still problematic.

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