This website documents & tells the story of resident Gail Pfistner and her family who live in the very lovely neighborhood of Lighthouse Point Florida. Unfortunatley Gail and her family have had a bad experience for many years with their neighbors. They have been harrassed, threatened, mentally tortured and abused. This website has been built for lawyers and law enforcement to have easy access to the many hours of audio that documents these many events.

The Starrs, Mel, Sandy, Mark, and Lori, moved into Lighthouse Point, Fl. in approx. 1991. Lori married John Watras and Lori and John lived in the studio apt. in the backyard in back of the main house. Both parties will be called the Starrs. The Starrs proceeded to have loud, horrific, family fights inside and outside the house where Lori would shriek, wail, scream, slam the doors to both bldgs., pound the windows and sliding glass doors, and throw garbage cans. She sounded as if she was being killed. Lori wants a music career and has the vocal capacity and strength to scream for hrs. and could be heard by 3 street including the park across the street. she also has the ability to mimic a variety of voices. She would also drag her synthesizer outside to practice for hours instead of keeping it in her studio apt. there was no diplomatic solution between the Starrs and the neighbors who were really annoyed. This was the Starrs' behavioral pattern, how they related to each other on a daily pattern. The Police were called, but the pattern continued. Commander Michael Oh was aware of this problem as his brother's in-laws lived adjacent to the Starrs and they were very upset by this. His brother was also a police officer.

Andrew's parents built this house in 1966 and remained residents. They and their company had to endure the Starrs horrific family fights and outbursts. Andy's brother had to buy the Starrs a pool pump because it made such a loud clanging noise, no one could hear each other in the backyard by the pool. We were there frequently and observed this behavior. In 1997 , we became residents having already lived there a year. The Starrs behavior and outbreaks remained constant.

However, in 1999, The Starrs ' situation escalated beyond belief and toleration. Instead of the usual pattern of family fights between 8-9a.m. and 6p.m.-11p.m. when Mel Starr was home, and the sporadic outbursts on Weds. and Suns. when Mr. Starr was off from work, Lori was now fighting with her mother inside and outside the house screaming off and on for hrs, as from 9a.m.-2p.m. with the same horrific shrieking and banging. This was particularly hard on us because of the property line. The Starrs have approx. 5 ft. of land on either side of their house. On our side, they have the A.C. unit, the pool pump. bushes, foliage and garbage cans, and a gate where they enter and exit from their backyard through between the garages ton their driveway in the front where their cars are. There is not enough room for all this so they were always over the property line. They were always screaming and fighting and banging-garbage cans, gate, and part of fence- as they went in and out to their cars, but with this escalation, it was even more intolerable, and we were getting the brunt of it.
One day Andy was talking to Mel and Lori walked by. Andy really did not hear her say hello. Later, Lori said to me that Andy had ignored her and that if he did not want to hear her screaming, he could move, that she could make anyone move, that she had made the neighbors move. This was unnerving. Shortly afterwards, I did bring the garbage cans in from the front without saying anything to her, and she screamed that I had ignored her and that no one ignores her, and that no one at their house would ever talk to us again! And no one did. And then they started full force on us. Having witnessed the ferocity of their family fights, I got a $20 cassette recorder to protect ourselves, the full force ferocity was now coming at us. I also contacted Det. Larry Hawkins at the Lghthse.Pt. Police Dept., which turned out to be an overwhelming costly mistake.
Initially, Det Hawkins acted as though he was going to stop the problem and the neighbors believed it. However, his behavior became more and more inexplicably bizarre as he made excuse after excuse for the Starrs, most of them inane and ridiculous, and this while the atrocious behavior was going on more. After about one and a half yrs., the neighbors stopped calling in during the incidents. There had been one disorderly ,$50 fine- because too many neighbors were too fed up and he had no alternative. The Starrs continued on as always. If the neighbors sent the police to the Starrs during an incident, Det. Hawkins would excuse them. If I called the police during an incident, I would end up with house, yard, driveway, or road full of police and Det . Hawkins would excuse them. and he was trying to blame me. This while the Starrs were going full blast fighting with each other and coming after us. The situation was unlivable. The Starrs escalated more and more as they began to feel more and more invincible. It was open season on any one, any age who set foot on this property, even to just pull up into the driveway. Ofc. Gary Siegel did manage to get us 3 wks, of not being screamed at or harassed during this period . I don't know how he managed to get that done. I was reduced to calling in and complaining about the Lghths.Pt. Police Policy of dealing with the Starrs. So the Police sad I was not calling in during the incident. However, I believe I have explained what happens If I did call during an incident. It was Catch 22. It was like trying to exchange something at a store with a no exchange policy. The new neighbors were naively calling the police anyway during the Starrs' incidents as they were going on because they didn't know yet that it was useless to call. As I said, I was calling in to complain about the Lighthouse Point Police Policy.
And there was a very, very big problem about the Starrs making nuscience police calls. Det. Hawkins said that if Lori thought stalking was staring, she could call the police on us, which she and they did. This was really unnerving, because it meant they could scream, scream death threats, smash the fence, trespass, and in general stalk and harass us and anyone who was on the property and we could get no help, but if we looked at them while they were doing it, they would call the police on us. And, they did. How can you not look at someone who is screaming at you or who has been making death threats against you for years?
And there was a big problem with police reports. The Starrs were favored and used them as a legal weapon, trying to get as many of them as they could, truth or not . I had to really complain about this because their atty. was waving them around in deposition as if hey were fact. We just gave up trying to get them.
The Lighthouse Point Police Policy of sanctioning and protecting stalking and harassing was well maintained and very costly . This situation should have been stopped at the latest by 6 months. When Commander Charles Marchitello took over as acting Chief of Police for approx. 3 mos., the more overt behavior of the Starrs subsided as did the stalking and harassment against us . However, the Starrs maintained their family fighting inside their houses which could be heard even with their windows and doors closed and their A.C. pumping on our property line. this was still unnerving but at least they weren't all over us. After that, the Starrs resumed their typical behavior with full force harassment, stalking, trespassing, banging the fence, etc. The Starrs could have been controlled or stopped. It was the standard police policy not to. The extent of the harassment and stalking was directly related to the Lighthouse Point Police Policy. By pumping up the Starrs, the Lighthouse Point Police Dept. made the problem and their mind-set much greater than the original, and made the burden on the victims much greater.

DIARY: I kept a written diary, 11-1999 through 6-2001. Then I went to audio diary. Though redundant and chatty, it is factual, and I do not feel at this time like reediting the whole thing because I have to relive it.

Lori is always complaining about being victimized or over blowing and exaggerating health problems. Oct.1999 was "my parents abused me as a child because they did not give me enough approval month." This month was really bad-usual scenario-aggressive, loud, screaming threats into shrieking and wailing inside the houses and in the yard and pounding on the windows and sliding glass doors-day and evening.
Even when waiting for the 1999 hurricane to hit or not, when everyone was tense anyway, Lori still had a fight with her father and ran into the backyard screaming, "You're killing me! You're killing me! I can't take it anymore! After one particularly grotesque evening, it was evident there was no family solution. We were the last of the neighbors to be in any way sympathetic or tolerant, the close proximity being a big problem. The Starrs acted as though their behavior had no consequences.
SEE INTRO. Lori screamed through the fence that she controlled that house and if I didn't talk to her, no one at her house could talk to anyone at this house. We had lent Mel a ladder to do some roof work and it seemed like a good idea to get it back now before things got worse. -1999-.I called when Lori was gone, asked Sandy if we could have the ladder back, and Mel put it between the garages without cleaning off the tar. When Lori found out her parent had talked to me, she screamed at me for 20 minutes in the yard. Lori continued as usual -loud complaining in her yard-someone was hassling her -she would get them, They would pay - over and over This was nothing new, I thought.
On Dec.6,1999, my birthday, Lori sent the Lighthouse Point Police to my house complaining of harassing phone calls saying I did it. This really shocked me. I thought I was out of the picture and she would just go back to fighting with her family. I called Det.Larry Hawkins of the Lighthouse Point Police Dept. and explained the situation. Lori continued yelling threats and wailing "Why won't she leave me alone" over and over. I was worried.
She was now focusing on me instead of her parents and she is relentless. I decided to protect myself and got an inexpensive $20.00 cassette recorder.
By the way, Lori was carrying on, I thought she was really getting phone calls and someone was actually saying something as in an obscene phone call or a nasty phone call. I was annoyed when I got the Police report to find out that these "harassing" phone calls were ringing, 3 seconds of nothing, and hang ups. I got these for about 3 weeks straight, about 3 calls a day and I still got a few.They are annoying and cannot be traced by star 69. I figured they were telemarketers trying to play a taped advertisement because right after that, taped recorded advertisements were ringing in. We are in an annoying telemarketing zone, so I pretty much dismissed these calls. Lori's brother worked in telemarketing and phone sales. Couldn't he just explain to her where these calls were coming from? I still get hang-ups and tapes. There are lulls and they start again. For this, Lori is screaming and wailing for hours everyday, making statements like, "She'll pay! I'll fix her! She won't be in that house much longer. I'll kill her! I'll kill her!"-all laced with obscenities. It was impossible to sit by the pool as she yells through the fence.
The Police did a phone check, the same listed house phone since 1966. There were no improprieties, I was kind of surprised the Police even did a phone check over this. It didn't matter. Lori said she didn't believe it and kept screaming about it. These are not uncontrollable tantrums. These are controllable tantrums, the behavioral pattern of the family, the way the family relates, the way Lori acts when she wants something from her family. As one neighbor had put it before, it's useless to call the police because they will stop when they see them pulling up. I had gotten around this before by calling Sandy or mentioning when company, repairmen, kids, etc. were coming by. Lori usually but not always would not scream. That was before 11-1999.-The family was now loudly arguing how Lori, by calling the police herself, had called more attention on them, her, and the screaming, and more people would now call on them. That didn't last long. Lori came after Andy, with me there as were tying to get into the truck, Andy on the driver's side. Before he could get in, Lori was up to the driveway complaining to him that I was harassing her with phone calls. I did say," Lori, the Police don't want you here."I was surprised. It was what I thought of at that moment. Andy said nothing. We got in and drove away. Mark was now telling her that we had put in another phone line.
Dec.,17,1999- Lori plays keyboard synthesizer and sings, and wants a music career. She previously dragged it into the yard, played loud but full songs, during appropriate hrs. Now she got recording equipment and was taping herself and was blaring the tapes 9:00a.m.outside in the yard. On Dec. 17,1999, I was literally jolted out of bed from a dead sleep by Lori's tapes so loud, it filled the whole house. This was not standard loud music. This was deliberate over the top loud. I grabbed my new cassette recorder, pushed record so I could record my end of the conversation so she could not say I was just harassing her-I did not have a phone recorder, called their house, and almost had to scream to talk above the loud music. I said," Now, I'm really calling you. It's too loud. The neighbors will call the police." Lori said," F--- you. You're harassing me.", hung up and played the music tape louder...I called back and her mother answered, I said the music was too loud and it stopped. I checked the recorder to make sure I had proof of my part of the conversation. It was quiet for about 10 minutes, them Lori started screaming," I'll kill her! I'll kill her!", and started banging on the fence and fence gate with something. Her brother was near her. I didn't think he could stop her I called the police. This time, Lori didn't stop when the police came and act like nothing happened. This time, she wailed, moaned, and screamed at the top of her voice that I was harassing her, and moaning, "why, why, why is she doing this to me? I want her to stop". as if she was a totally distraught victim. This was embarrassing and horrifying. I explained to the two policemen what had happened. At least two other policemnen were at Lori's house and they stayed for at least 20 minutes. Lori is very devious. What she had done, unknown to meat the time, was, in between blasting her music and threatening to kill me, she had called the police and said that I was stealing her music and playing it back to harass her! That over the 20 seconds or so of music that was recorded when I called her---which I had to scream over to talk on the phone----as I said I had replayed it to make sure I had my call on tape. And the police who came to my house were for her call. One officer asked me if I had played the music back, and I said yes to check the tape for the phone call and the music was in the background because it was so loud. I checked this in my house. So the officer reported that I had played the music back, and that had upset Lori. As if that was the whole issue. So I ended up with a disproportionate police report, not necessarily to my advantage, and nothing done about the death threats, banging on the fence, or the screaming.

Lori was estactic and whooped it up in the backyard saying, Now, I've got her. She's finished. Now, I've got a way to drive her out of town, etc." I didn't know what she was talking about. Well, It was filing a restraining order against me! Lori needed 2 incidents and thought she had them. Lori talked about this on her phone loud where I could hear her in her yard and screamed at me any time she wanted.

The petition was filled with lies and misinformation. I don't know how she even got it. I went to the hearing because I was sick of being slandered, let alone being screamed at and threatened while I was waiting for the hearing-while I was still getting the same calls Lori was complaining about. There was no credibility to the petition and Lori didn't get it. She tried to refile but they were now onto her. Lori screamed and wailed from 9:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m the next day, inside and outside the house because she couldn't refile. Her tenacity is frightening and all this is very audible to me.
By now, I began to realize that when their A.C.unit on our side wasn't pumping-it does a lot because Lori goes back and forth all day slamming the sliding glass doors and her doors- and when there wasn't a lot of other noise, Lori could hear my phone calls from almost anywhere in my house from her yard. The whole family are loud talkers. I should have realized this when the talking would stop when my phone rang. If I ever even dared to complain to anyone about what was going on on my phone Lori would start screaming. I had no more privacy. When she wasn't screaming she would talk about me loud enough for me to hear in the backyard for hours, always derogatory. This was very disturbing. The police said don't do anything back, which I wasn't anyway, that they would handle situation. The neighbors confirmed to the police that I did not argue back.
Note: when Lori filed the R.O.against me ,she filled in the name of a minor emergency Dr.whom she might have seen a couple of times on the petition for "medical records for treatment received for injuries referred to in petition".This really alarmed me as to how far she was branching out to lie about and slander me. I did call this Dr. and say, I know you cannot talk about your patients, but did you know that she had used your name on a R.O.petition against me, and that this family had been fiercly fighting for years and now they were trying to blame me for this, and that she would not stop screaming at me, threatening me ,and banging the fence. He was professional and gave no confidential infor. and I didn't ask for any. I just needed to protect myself. Lori later came screaming out in the backyard that her Dr. had asked her about me. She screamed about this for months, and longer, screaming that I had called her Dr.,she had to change Drs. because of me,etc.etc. I thoght that I should explain that screaming. She put his name on the petition. He obviously didn't even know. Back to diary:- Lori thought she was invincible. Any time of the day or night, Lori thought she had a sitting victim. Her attacks varied from 20 minutes apart to hours apart, from a few minutes into hrs. But not a day went by without them, it was part of her regular routine, and she could see through the slats in the fence into the yard and house, so she knew where I was. One day, I just actually sat by the pool with a cup of coffee and she started screaming I was hassling her. That's all it took. This was unbelievable and ruining any kind of normal life. She never did this alone. There was always one or more family members home, in the yard or right next to her.

Lori's MO became screaming death threats or slander and when the police would arrive, she would switch to wailing histrionics saying I did something to her. Then there would be confusion, the police would have to check back with Det. Hawkins, and by the time the truth was known, she had gotten away with ruining another day. This is successful with different shifts and different patrolmen who did not know the situation. And all along she was trying to file police reports against me at the station. I once said to Det. Hawkins, "What's left to accuse me of? Cattle rustling?" And while she was doing this, she was threatening and screaming at me. It was a nightmare for months. The police said, "You're doing the right thing by having no contact and not saying anything back. Let us handle it". But this was going into months and Lori pretty much thought she could do anything she wanted. This was very frustrating. Lori's other technique was to scream, "If you come into my yard or if you come near me or my family, I will kill you!" All the while she was saying, "I can say it that way." As if it was OK to do all that if she put it into a hypothetical "if" statement. But she would slip up and put in blatant death threats.

I decided the only way to stop her was to sue her. I called Judge Cohen's sec .to see if there was a transcript from the Jan.5, 2000 petition hearing to save time in writing the suit .There wasn't. Unfortunately, I took the return call from the sec. from the rec room into the kitchen and Lori heard it or about it .Lori screamed she would shoot off my arm so I couldn't write the suit and stab me in the heart- this with her parents, brother, and husband home. She repeated this the next morning with all of them home again. I was leaving messages on Det. Hawkin's voice mail giving him updates on incidents and I reported this.-1/17,18/2000. The neighbors, already before this incident, had told me that they were afraid of her getting a gun or a knife and coming after them after one of her tantrums. This, before she was harassing me, After the vicious way they had seen her coming after me, and they had never heard me ever replying, they did not want her coming after then if they complained about her. I told them I was in constant contact with the police in an ongoing investigation.
This is a very sentimental home where Andrew, his two sisters and brother grew up in since 1966, having moved from their first Ligthouse Pt. home built in 1959. It's still like coming home to the family, kids, grandchildren, and out of state relatives who were here regularly Now, it is impossible to have company because of the threats and screaming any time of the day or night. Before, company was bothered by the family fights and Lori screaming at and with her family. But, now, this was different, At least 3 times, Lori stood in her backyard and screamed, Everybody, everybody, Gail is a murderer. She murdered Ella and Norm, Andy's parents. I want you to know!"

Mark Starr, Lori's brother, basically a loner, never fully employed, usually home all day,-I had never had a bad word with him. Now, he was advising Lori on how to harass me and handle the police. This almost daily. However, when Lori started screaming, he would try to stop her as if he was trying to keep her under control. So, he was basically in the background encouraging her, but never out front threatening, screaming, or calling the police.I was initially shocked, but by now, nothing at that house was surprising.
On 2, 6, 2000, Andy and I were at 1020 E. Sample Rd. in the car, in the aisle, stopped, waiting to back up to pull into a parking space to the left.. And here come Mark walking down the aisle right to the car. He could have gone the other way and avoided us, but he was coming right toward us and he didn't turn around. This was odd as Mark always stayed in the background avoiding contact. I was surprised and alerted Andy who was looking to the left at the parking space. Mark came right up to the passenger window and said, "F---you!" Andy and I simultaneously said it back to him, repeating what he had said to us. Quite frankly, it felt good to finally say something back after 2 months of being threatened and insulted with no reply which gets very frustrating.Mark then walked the length of the aisle, approx. 75 ft. to the store, screaming like a kid, "You're dead! You're dead!" this was too upsetting and we left.
I knew right then that this would be trouble because by now this family thought they were invincible, and thought they had manipulated the police, and there was never any reply from us for 2 months and we had just actually said something back.
I was right. By, 11:00p.m,, 2, 6, 2000 that night, Lori was screaming that she'd burn down the house and wreck the cars. Then I was horrified-she started screaming that we were murderers and had tried to kill her brother in the parking lot with the car. This for a few minutes.
2-7-2000. A truly horrifying experience, I was woken by Lori beating the fence with a stick, pole or bat screaming things like, "whore murderer, gutless, spineless whore." "I want that bitch to come over here and start sh-- with me because I want the opportunity to f---ing murder her in self defense." I remembered to use the recorder. She used the "if" statement but slipped into direct threats. "I'll disable the bitch." "I'll put her six feet under with my bare hands." Lori and Mark are half German and half Jewish . She started yelling they were victims of a hate crime. Then for 11/2 hrs., Lori would go in and out of her house into the yard yelling things sometimes 5 mins. or 20 mins. apart. I did get about 1/2 of this on tape. This is an inexpensive recorder with about a 5 second delay so I missed a lot. I did not say anything before, during, or after her yelling. My neighbor will confirm that. She also yelled that I murdered Ella and Norm. I was in horrified shock. I did not call the police while this was going on because of what happened last time, Dec.17, 1999 which was embarrassing and a fiasco with Lori going into her histrionics.She would probably just do it again and blame me. A.nd that police report was a big problem. However, the neighbors didn't ignore it and Det. Hawkins was notified .
So I put in a call to his voice mail and he called me back and said this was now a continual pattern of harassing behavior and he was going to do something about it. I told him I had a tape so he told me to come in the next day. When I got there, he already had a case number, 00790, and a warning of noise violation written up which he was going to deliver in person to Lori Wed. 2-9-2000. He said all people calling in can call anonymously because no one wanted Lori after them. He heard the tape. It clearly has Lori screaming bout the fake parking lot attack which didn't bother me because this attack didn't happen. The Starrs were now questioning Mark about the "attack" and I could hear him saying he made out a report with the pompono police. He wasn't smart enough to know when he lied that 1020 E. Sample Rd. is not a pompono police district. It is the Sheriff's District and there is a sheriff's substation 100 yards west of it, which can't be missed. I called the Sheriff's dept. twice explaining the situation and there was no report of any kind by Mark Starr and no complaint at that locaion. Now I could hear Mark saying to his parents"?"Why would I Iie about making out a police report?" I don't think any one in his family believed him, but it didn't matter to Lori. She had her abuse excuse, screaming excuse, whether true or not.

2-9-2000. Det. Hawkins visits the Lori in the morning and puts her on notice she will be in violation of the code board's noise violation if she screamed again. Lori did not go off about this until approx. 4:00p.m.because tree trimmers were working in their yard until then and she cannot scream louder than their equipment. - This Is A Controlled Act. - This was more histrionic wailing and moaning than than the usual chilling threats. I and the neighbors have heard this before, but for someone to hear it for the first time, she can really sound like a victim, no matter what she's done before. She was mad about the noise violation warning and complained and threatened collectively about the neighbors. She did bang on the fence and singularly threaten me."If I ever find you alone, you're dead. You better watch out for me." I called the police- Det. Hawkins as did other neighbors. The police came through my house into the yard to observe Lori . I had put the recorder on and let them know it .Lori saw the police through the fence and kept up the wailing, looking up at the sky and saying, "why? Why?" The policeman, not knowing her and being humane, said, "Oh, she's mentally ill. She's talking to no one." I called Det. Hawkins and said she's into histrionics, wailing, and sounds like a real victim. He drove to my house and went to the Starrs. Lori, calculating, wails, "I have a med-I-cal problem. I have a med-I-cal problem", and then proceeded to blame me for everything. Det. Hawkins spoke with the family and gave more warnings. Mark told him there had been an assault and he had made out a police report. Det. Hawkins said for the neighbors and me to call anonymously if there were any more problems. So, back to the whole mess. I gave Det. Hawkins the tape. There was no response from me before or during this. This tape is lengthy, disturbing, and difficult to listen to. It does show the extent to which Lori will go -moaning and wailing, when told no-in this case, no more screaming. Det. Hawkins delivered the notice of noise violation in person. This is her response. I called the Sheriff's dept again to see if there were any reports or complaints from Mark Starr. There weren't any.If not already stated ,Lori has one, more or all family members home when she does this.
2-11-2000, I returned from Win-Dixie approx. 4or 5:00p.m. There were 2 police cars at Lori's house .Lori was pointing at me and yelling," that's her, that's her. That's the one who's hassling me." Lori had called and said I made a harassing call. This was very upsetting to pull into my driveway with this going on. One of the officers was there when she called on 12-6-1999. He didn't get it and was rude on Lori's behalf while she was still yelling by my driveway. The other officer intervened who appeared to be a little more knowledgable.I did express my annoyance at Lori's behavior. Lori was never going to stop.

This house is built to open up to the yard and pool area. The large porch/rec room has large tinted windows, outside awnings, TV, tables, chairs, couches, carpeting, phone, etc, and is the center of most activity.The windows are never closed unless it rains really hard .This room has 2 sliding glass doors and a door to close it off when the central air is on in the rest of the house. Since these large windows are never closed, I realized Lori and Mark can see through the slats in the fence into this room and into the house if they stand up close enough to the fence and from parts of their backyard And now ,they were sitting in their yard listening for me and watching me.3 mornings in a row when I just got up and was walking into the kitchen to get coffee,I could hear Lori say, " Mark 's going to get a gun. Mark has to protect himself .He's getting a gun."- one time with their father standing right next to them. And, also describing in graphic detail what would happen to anyone "if" they came on their property. Then Mark started to reiterate these remarks with "if" anyone came on my property, I am going to protect myself. His father asked him if he was going to get bullets.This was purely for my benefit and very annoying.This behavior may sound childish and was probably just to upset me, but in reality, 2 people in their 40's, home all day with nothing to do, already exhibiting strange behavior, and now taunting about getting a gun,with their father next to then , was I thought a red flag , which I expressed to Det. Hawkins. The neighbors were already afraid of Lori getting a gun or a knife. Hearing this and worrying about it was a new way to harass me
.We hadn't been having company because of the unpredictability of the problem. Andy's two aunts from Pa. were coming to Fl. and wanted to stay with us for a few days. I warned them of the situation but they had heard the Starrs fighting and Lori screaming years ago and said they would come anyway. They didn't realize how bad it had gotten. They arrived Febr. 17,2000. On Febr.19, Andy's" daughter and 3 children came for the day.Lori was behaving. However around midnight, Febr.19 -20, I heard Lori in her yard saying,"La p----. La p---.", her name for me. I thought ,oh no, she isn't going to start acting up while I have company.
But, on 2-20-2000, the next morning I woke up to Lori banging the fence and screaming, "I'll take you out whether you have company or not!" And a new one, calling me a child molester. Andy's aunts were listening at the bedroom window. I was upset and called the police.
The dispatcher was aware of the lori situation and said you can remain anonymous and call Det. Hawkin's tomorrow, Mon. When the police arrived, Lori had stopped screaming and she walked confidently out to see them. They were there about 15 minutes and left. The results later turned out to be: Mel Starr and Lori got a police report saying I had been harassing them by phone. Nothing done about beating on the fence, yelling death threats, etc. Lori had gotten away with it again and even got a police report as if she was the victim.This was very upsetting. I did complain about this police report but I could not get it changed.
On 2-20-2000, approx.9:00p.m. Lori started up again, had an argument with her father/family and did her obligatory running to the fence and threatening ,banging, lying,and screaming, "I will kill them." However, this time she ran out into the street in front on the north side. I got 1/2 of this on tape going from the backyard through the garage and leaving the recorder in front of the north door. Lori ran out into the road screaming, " Everyone, everyone, those are people who tried to kill my brother-in that brown and white house. They're anti Semites, murderers, etc." She kept up the screaming when the police arrived. And of course, blamed me. Again, a horrifying evening. I made an anonymous call to the police while this whole thing was going on. She was supposed to be in violation of a noise ordinance. People on 2 streets heard her and people on 2 streets saw and heard her scream while the police were there.

The police were at the Starrs for about an hr., then it was quiet. About 1:00 a.m.-this was a very quiet night when you could hear everything-I heard Lori in her backyard saying," Now I'm going to get a bomb." I called the police dispatcher . Hoiw could she threaten me along with everything else she did and still be in her backyard doing this? The dispatcher said it was my fault because I had called in anonymously. Obviously there had been a mix-up in instructions. Det. Hawkins had said to call in anonymously.
The results which Det. Hawkins, who was not there that eve., told me later: - The police had called the Henderson Clinic and a rep. had come to the Starr's house. Lori was determined not to be a Baker Act candidate. The whole family was told they had to go to the Hendersen Clinic as out-patients. So once again, Lori had gotten away with her routine, and now had a whole new audience to lie to about me. How long would it take the clinic to catch on? I could just hear it- Gail made harassing calls, she tried to get a restraining order-meritless-, they tried to kill my brother, etc. etc. etc.. and of course she would claim she was the victim. And her parents' compelling- we have such a problem, thank you for being so understanding,is initially endearing,-I fell for it-but it only lasts if you put up with the problem, not if you want it to stop.---It was also very upsetting that the Starrs, whose behavior had-been a problem for years, were now trying to blame me/us for it as if they had never done anything wrong before. Instead of getting them to leave us alone they were now making me/us the issue which was horrifying.Wewere not only being abused, we were being used. However, the neighbors were not happy. The general gist was that the Starrs and Lori were getting away with too much.
.I gave the 2-20-2000 tape, which is unnerving and upsetting, to Det. Hawkins. Det. Hawkins said he played the tapes for the Code Board and they said it wasn't noise violation, but crime. The fakeparking lot attack and Lori screaming about it any time she wanted to was no small matter to family and friends who were upset by it. This was not just a little white lie. Lori now keeps her screaming to 2 minute outbursts outside. The new techique- Besides being loud screamers, the Starrs are very loud talkers, always audible, because a lot of it is just below shouting level. Now, Lori and Mark's new thing is to sit in the backyard and talk as loud as they can about me/us for long lengths of time, making it hard to sit in the yard, usethe pool, or barbeque.It is always derogatory and annoying which is their point and an obvious harassment tecnique which is not outright screaming. They talk a lot about how they are going to complain at the clinic about us.We got no relief from the harassment, etc. from this clinic situation.

3-3-2000.The phone company is in the Starrs' yard doing something. I went out to the pool, Lori saw me through the fence slats, and yelled, "That's her! That's her! That's her! That's the woman causing all the trouble!" to the phone workers. I called Southern Bell. Why should this residence be constantly scrutinized because of Lori and what exactly was she saying? I thought I should at least clear up the issue. They said they refer situations like this back to the police and Lori could complain to them but they do not pursue this. So Lori got to yell at me again and cause me busy work.
Lori and Mark's new thing - making as much noise and talking as loud as they can in their backyard,1/2 the time about me-already for hrs. and starting early in the morning was becoming much more amnnoying.3--22-2000.The whole family was out by the pool with their loud voices, Lori and Mark talking on and off about me. In exasperation, I said, oh shut up. shut up. shut up, to myself in my own house, not in the yard. I don't know if they heard. I took a small radio out to the pool to play moderately while hanging up the clothes so I wouldn't have to hear them. I never took a radio out to the pool. This was new. Not to last. Lori blasted her music recorder, honked this clown horn she has, and said she was calling the police! This is scary. That reaction was too quick,.too acute, and too confident. She actually thinks she controls my yard. This was upsetting because Andy's daughter and 3 grandchildren were supposed to visit. This was cancelled. They were only here once since this mess started and Lori called me a child molester. I left a message on Det. Hawkin's voice mail.
3-23-2000. Lori, brother, mother,-screaming fight-not directed at me- afternoon. 3-23-2000. about midnight. I thought I heard a noise by the fence. I turned down the T.V. Lori was standing up close to the fence on her side saying in a low growling voice, "I will kill you. I will strangle you." Her husband did actually tell her to go in the house. This is disturbing. I left a message for Det.Hawkins.
The pool runs north,south, 8 ft. from the property line. On our side, we had mowed lawn , small bushes, and made an attempt to pull up the thick underbrush away from the fence. This proximity was a problem as Lori, Mark, Mel and John would stand right up to the fence slats to harass and talk directly at me if I was in the yard. This along with the screaming, threatening, banging, etc right up to the fence. I got tired of seeing them while they harassed me. I let the bushes grow out didn't pull out the under brush and ivy so it filled in the fence slats. Lori and Mark are furious and complain to their parents, Lori, of course yelling about it. I believe Lori sent John to the code board to complain about it. Besides the screaming and banging between the two houses , they would also do this at the fence coming off the garage. They were always over the property line between the houses and in the front.
4-1-2000. In the morning hearing Lori and Mark, again, in exasperation, I said, oh shut up shut up shut up , in a moderate. tone, in my house, softer than they talk in their yard. Within minutes, 2 patrol cars were at my house. Anonymous phone call-loud screaming coming from my house. I knew it was Lori If I was screaming, I would have said so. My neighbor was home with his windows were open..If he had heard screaming, he would have checked on me and called the police himself if he thought I was in trouble. I explained this to the police and I was tired of Lori's bogus complaints about me . As I said, I knew it was Lori and she confirmed this when she got into a loud argument with her mother about. It. When John got home, Lori gloated that I had told her to shut up and that she had "fixed me." She lied and told John that I had said shut up all morning. It would never last that long. She is always too on top of me for that. My neighbor said he hadn't heard me. I left a message for Det. Hawkins.This was upsetting
I wanted to file a complaint about Lori making too many bogus complaints about me..Det. Hawkins later told me he had already done that. I already felt that Lori thought the police dept. was like on big video game she could play any time she wanted. I decided at that time to try to stifle any utterances from inside my own house. Lori is the ultimate stalker. However, on 4-3-2000, getting up from a deepsleep, walking into the kitchen to get coffee -Loriand Mark's loud talking in the yard- I had to hear it again. And in exasperation, almost involuntary, I said, oh shut up. shut up.shut up.still in a moderate tone in my house. Lori and Mark started screaming so loud, I turned on the radio so I didn't have to hear them-not the recorder, the radio-I just did not want to hear them screaming. So, of course, Lori called the police on me-this time 911. And now, she, her brother, and her mother were outside their house waiting for them and Lori was outraged. I explained to the 2 policemen what had happened.
Upset, I called my neighbor, who said, "well, did you tell them,- police,- what they were yelling?" I didn't hear because I had turned on the radio. My neighbor said that along with Lori's screaming, a male voice from their yard screamed, "F---You! I'm going to burn down your house, bitch." My neighbor said to call the police back and he would make a statement. I called dispatch and Det. Hawkins came back with one of the officers who had just been there. That officer went next door to take the complaint about burning down the house. The neighbor gave his statement to the officer. This was very frustrating
.Apparently, Lori thought she could stalk me , slander me ,scream death threats, beat on the fence, harass me for hrs, trespass and make bogus complaints against me. And if I even dared to utter anything, she expected the police to come right over to protect her. And, this started in 11-1999. Anyway to hassle me.
Det. Hawkins went next door to talk to Lori. While he was there, Lori left her parents' house, yelled in her yard, "This is war!" and went into her house. While Det. Hawkins was there, I could hear Mark yelling.. Det. Hawkins gave Lori another warning, told me to keep in touch and left.

4-3-2000. That evening, at approx. 7:oo.p.m., Lori started again.- family fight inside, backyard , loud, yelling, throwing things in her yard, banging ,fence, refering to me twice at the end,backyard,fence. I actually didn't call the police this time. I was too tapped by the last 2 incidents. But the neighbors did call, really quick. Det. Hawkins arrived, observed Lori's behavior and arrested her for disorderly conduct. Mark was in the backyard too, saying that this would never stick while the police were thereOne neighbor went out to talk directly to the police with her dogs because she wanted something done, this in front of my house. One officer said, why are you afraid, with your dogs? She replied because they'll poison my dogs. This sounds trite, but I had even heard Mark say he could throw poison in plastic bags over their fence This neighbor's dogs barked when the Starrs screamed, .Lori and John drove to the police dept. in their own vehicle. Lori was home that night. I taped during this incident and Det.Hawkins asked for it for evidence.
Lori and her family discuss this loudly for days Lori is furious and feels her right have been violated and complains she is suing for days in her yard.
4-6-2000. Lori gets into a loud argument with her mother and brother.4-22-2000.Early Sat. morning, Lori screams, not directed at me, "F-- America! Let them f------- arrest me, I don't give a shit!" Not enough to call the police, but enough to be annoying. It was too early. Who wants to be woken up by this?. Lori discusses ways to harass me. -Luckily, Andy has never been involved in a major traffic accident. However, on 4-21, he was struck from behind, was jarred, mildly hurt but requiring medical attention and visits, and needed to rest. Lori's screaming woke him up Sat. morning and there was no normal type of relaxation in the backyard or pool. This was also Easter weekend..
.Lori continues to have screaming fights with her parents and her brother inside the house, from mins to hrs.,sometimes accompanied by pounding . Lori is mad at Mark for lying about the attack, yelling she got arrested for that. Occasionally, it spills outside as she goes from the house to her studio apt.
She is furious about being arrested. Now, she does not directly verbally assault me but is heard saying, If I'm arrested, she's going to get arrested. I'll find a way to get her arrested. I won't stop until she's arrested too." Sometimes, she says "they" instead of "she" presumably meaning Andy.
.Andy's daughter, Andrea, and her 2 children -2&3yrs old approx.- stay with us, Andrea going through a divorce. I had still had strong reservations about having children near the Starrs and Lori, but necessity dictated . Admittedly, the kids were undisciplined and had tantrums, Andrea was having a hard time coping, and I irritated my back and neck problems trying babysit, requiring the E.R., an MRI, Dr. visits, etc. This vulnerability was not left unnoticed by Lori. Andrea and the children moved on July, 20th in the eve. July 20th, approx. 4pm, the police are at Lori's -Starrs' house twice. The second time I heard Lori say I want someone(inaudible) or them arrested. The police don't come to our house.
July 21st., approx. 8a.m., Lori is outside, screaming in her backyard, banging a stick or a pole against her studio apt., yelling ," I hope those f------ kids drown ." and saying things like, " l'll show her and her tapes." and direct insults about me. I was caught off guard and only got about 1/2 min. on tape. Lori was audible by neighbors on 2 streets, even with the AC on. This did not last long. I left a message for Det. Hawkins.

July 21,2000.approx.8:30p.m.,once again another shocking experience.Two Lighthouse Point policemen came to our house with a sheriff's rep. from the child abuse agency. They said it was just necessary paperwork. They knew it was Lori. This was very upsetting, Andrea had moved and the sheriff 's rep. had to drive all the way to Hollywood to interview her and take pictures of the kids. This upset everyone, friends and family. Later, when I talked to Det. Hawkins, he said he would enlighten the agency on the Lori situation so she would not be able to do this again saying he had already dealt with revenge complaints to the agency. Lori and her mother got into a loud argument over Lori doing this. Lori sits in the backyard and loudly discusses doing this. Over a yr. ago, she had vociferously complained about the child abuse agency, that someone she knew had an unfounded complaint on the computer and it was hindering him from something, that that agency really didn't help anyone and just hurt innocent people, especially with the computer system. And she had just done that to us. She is never going to stop.
8-9-2000. I am home alone all day, no radio, tv, or noise from this residence. At about 4:30p.m., I went to the SW. gate to the front yard to try to nail 2 fence slats back up, using 6 nails. On my 2nd nail, Lori starts banging either 2 pieces of metal or 1 piece of metal and a stick together. When I stop hammering the nails, she stops, when I start she starts. When I am through she stops, laughs really loud and goes into her house. This episode was of short duration, but just a little reminder from her that she is always there, ready to do something.
8-12-2000. Lori continues to argue and scream inside her parents' house about her case and what is supposed to be done about it.
9-24-2000. approx .2p.m , Lori has a screaming fight with her family and does not stay in their house but runs into their backyard screaming and throwing and banging things. John leaves during this. I got part of this on tape. In our yard, we had 2 visiting grandchildren, 2 and 4 yrs., splashing in the pool and 3 adults. Unfortunately, the recorder was placed outside only a couple of feet from the kids so their voices are more predominate
10-2000.Note: Det. Hawkins' said for people to call in anonymously they would not worry about calling in. However, as this situation went into months, now close to a year, this caused complications and better served Lori's interests, because after anonymous calls, Lori ended up with police reports stating what she had said. This is particularly upsetting for days such as 2-20-2000 when there were 2 horrific incidents with Lori's fabrications going into the reports. Lori brags and screams about these reports as if they are evidence that she is correct, as if lying and fabricating on a police report makes everything she does O.K.
I had to do something to stop all this . I filed in small claims court. Det. Hawkins got upset about this and said we needed to discuss this first. I had been doing everything he said and didn't want to get him mad, but I needed some help from somewhere to stop this. He had also told me not to get a restraining order and I didn' t. I got him a copy of the suit.

OCTOBER 2000. A truly horrific month. My recorder was not working, squeaked, and I missed a lot Lori was served 10-6-00.10-7-00. Lori screamed and lied at me and about me from her driveway, walking between the two garages, off of her property, through her gate to the fence and then screamed through the fence, with two small children present who she knew were here, adding, "Record this, b----! We had to change our phone three times because of you! You tried to kill my brother and I have witnesses!" Andrea had pulled into our driveway, had gotten the kids out and came in through the porch garage to the backyard at the same time Lori had pulled into her driveway which did not stop Lori. Very chilling were Lori's screamings that she had the police reports to prove it, this problem I have previously discussed which became an even bigger problem.
10-9-2000. 8a.m. Lori- loud banging and yelling in her backyard with her parents, brother and husband home .2p.m.-Lori blasts her radio, a talk show, much too loud for listening in her backyard, and goes inside her house leaving it on in the backyard for approx. 45 minutes. She smirks and laughs about this, her new annoyance technique. This later proved to be as unbearable as the screaming and banging, especially when she would find a station with a lot of ads, play it with static, the volume so loud you could hear it loud in the road on the west side of our house, for varying lengths of time sometimes hours, and one time she even drove away and left it on in the backyard for approx. 1-1/12 hrs. No one was in their backyard when she did this as it was unbearable. I told Det. Hawkins the first time she did it because this was definitely a mechinism, This family's attitude is we do what we want whenever we want , you can't stop us, and you can't even complain about it in your own house.
10-17-2000. I was woken up by loud, loud screaming by Lori. I wasn't sure where she was. It didn't sound as if it were her backyard. She was yelling, " Murderers! Murderers! You murdered my brother! I hope you're happy now! He's dead! It's your fault! Everyone, the people in that house murdered my brother!" I realized she was in her front yard running back and forth toward our north side. There was an ambulance, paramedics, and a firetruck in their front yard and street..This was a horrible and upsetting scene. I called my neighbor who had direct visibility to Lori's front yard and she said Lori had come out of her house twice to scream and point. The paramedics had brought Mark out and he was alert and not dead. Lori then started screaming,"They tried to kill my brother! They are responsible for this! They tried to murder my brother!"--I called the police as there usually was a police car with an ambulance and firetruck . Dispatch said they called in and tried to say it was criminal activity but the paramedics were in contact with the police and there was no criminal activity going on,.and all the police cars were busy in other parts of the city.It appeared as if they were on to the Starrs, but this was not to my advantage because the police were not directly there to hear Lori screaming. Lori continued screaming ,threatening and lying in spurts until approx. 2:00p.m. My recorder was not working. It squeaked and I only got part of this on tape. Lori kept screaming about the lawsuit as if the two things were related, screaming things like, "You ain't getting one penny out of me! You ain't getting my money. You took my brother's life. That's enough! And you're lucky I'm allowing you to breathe!" When her husband, John, came home, Lori smugly and calmly told him in the backyard, "I showed her, trying to ruin my reputation!" I talked to Det. Hawkins when he came in later in the day and he said they had not called in trying to report criminal activity. 10-23-2000. Another awful day. I had filed a supplement to the suit and mailed a copy to Lori according to the civil procedure. I don't know if she was mad at receiving that or if it was her in general screaming at me, but she started again about the lawsuit and her brother as if the two were related screaming, "Murderer! You f------ whore! He's dying and you are a contributing factor, you b----. You're not getting a dime, Murderer!" Mel Starr, her father, talked through the fence, "I'm warning you. You bother my daughter one more time and you'll be sitting in jail."(?)Lori then yelled, "Do you want to chase him in the parking lot again? You have maybe one more day to chase him!" This was odd because one day later, they called the ambulance again-10-24,eve. Lori continued screaming, "You're trying to blackmail me and take my money. That's my brother's life, you F------ whore!" This went on for some time in spurts. My neighbor called the police and so did I . I didn't realize that the police were in my neighbor's yard for about 20 mins. but Lori was getting ready to go to work and they did not hear her, but they started a new case on her. Ofc. Gary Seigal gave her a stern warning which kept her quiet for about 3 weeks, the longest since this started. I didn't realize this had happened and when did,I called to thank him.
I added to the suit the problem with anonymous calls to protect callers. When the police went to Lori's, she said what she wanted, then she picked up the police reports and said that they were proof, as if lying and fabricating on police reports would absolve her of any wrong doing.
10-30-2000. Small Claims Court. The judge said I was in the wrong court, that I had to go to Circuit Court.The case was not tried in small claims ct. This was a hearing saying I could not get a hearing in small claims ct. Lori,.her attorney, Robert Yates, and her husband, John Watras were standing in front of the judge when he told me this. The Starrs and Atty.Yates proceeded to lie about this situation for years even to the Circuit Court Judge.
When I left the courthouse, I went immediately to the Lighthouse Point Police Station to talk to Chief Tierney, upset, as I wasn't getting help in small claims court, Her secretary referred me back to Det. Hawkins who wasn't in.
11-2000. Det, Hawkins requested a shortened version-10 min.-of the tapes to take to the code board for a noise violation. The code board says they have to put a machine in my yard to measure the noise and this is inconvenient.
11-21-2000. Lori fights with her father. She wants money to sue the prosecutor over her disorderly conduct charge. 11-22-2000. Lori is in the yard on the phone until 1:00a.m.saying she would get us, she was not through with us yet.11-24-2000.Thanksgiving.11-25-2000. 1:ooa.m. approx. Lori is in the yard screaming, "I'm dying. I'm dying!" This woke up Andy who had to work 10 hrs that day. He couldn't go back to sleep for 2 hrs. This was a different way to scream. Lori lives in a studio apt. with her husband. Why did she have to go out into the yard to scream? Her father and/or husband took her to the E.R. She later loudly fought with the hospital about her bill. She didn't like what the E.R had done.
11-30-2000. Lori has a fierce lengthy fight with her family, inside and in the backyard with loud yelling and banging, not directed at me. I called the police anon. This is the way Lori and her family fought for years, about 3 times a week. Lori started on me 11-99 and that's when I decided to tape for proof. I didn't have tapes of her family and her before that. It's upsetting when that family tried to say I caused Lori's behavior as if she had never done it before..

12-2000. It's cold, so house closed up, I am not in yard, Lori has less accessibility to me. She does slowly drive by the house and complain if anyone looks at her. She does this a lot and complains she is being harasses if anyone looks back. She also honks her horn and waves.---I was at the bottom of the driveway to collect the garbage cans and lids and Lori comes slowly driving by .This puts me in the position of having to turn my back on her to go back up the driveway when she is too close to me . So, I watch her drive by and then turn around and haul the empty garbage cans with me.- Lori is furious and loudly complains that I am harassing her. That is her new complaint-that I am watching and harassing her. I informed Det. Hawkins. I also told him I can't turn my back on her when she is driving too close or is in the front yard or trying to get my attention because she threatened to kill me for over a year.
There are 4 cars in that family and I don't know their schedules. So, just getting into the car in the driveway is a big problem because I have to open the door up a little bit to see if anyone is out there so I won't have to deal with Lori or any or them. This is a problem for Andy too.
I tried planting bushes between the 2 driveways closest. to the garage. Lori drove up while I was trying to water them standing in on my driveway. Lori walked up to me almost to my garage, folded her arms and glared at me. I had to turn off the hose and go inside. I didn't want the confrontation. Lori was trespassing with the obvious intent to annoy. Earlier, when I was sitting on the ground trying to plant the trees, Mel walked right up to me and said something like, are you supposed to be doing that? I didn't say anything, got up, and went walking into my house, with Mel saying," Don't you walk away from me, you putz." These are very confident harassers, trespassing not even an issue.
In the back of my mind, I was always worried that if I complained, they would be excused and would probably get a favorable police report. I also thought that they wanted to provoke a confrontation so this could be considered a two party situation.
We had stopped using the side of our garage for the garbage cans where they had been for years and took them through the garage to the backyard to avoid the Starrs. One really frightening incident- I can't remember the exact date- I did tell Det. Hawkins-I had been letting the bushes and underbrush grow out to cover the fence slats so I didn't have to see the Starrs harassing me when they stood right up to the slats. The pool is close to the line so they can get close with the banging, screaming and verbal attacks which is hard especially if there are kids in the pool. Andy and I had been trying to sit out by the pool in the afternoon. I hadn't seen or heard the Starrs at the fence for about 20 mins. There is still some visibility through the slats as it isn't completely covered. The water spicket is in the s.e. corner of the backyard with a hose connected to it. I can actually walk really fast with this hose with my thumb on the hose, no nozzle, and water the bushes without getting wet. As I was doing this, I started to get really wet on the top of my head. I looked up and Mel was actually standing on something leaning over the 6 ft. fence blasting my face, neck head, full force with a nozzle on his hose, with a horrible sneer on his face which is not easily forgettable, something being said about me breaking something. And he did this in front of Andy. This reaction was too acute . I really thought they were away from the fence. I wouldn't have watered with them right up to it. Admittedly, I could have gotten more water than usual through the fence slats, but this reaction of actually spraying a woman's face was with a strong nozzle was too much. We didn't respond back to them. And, I knew in the back of my mind, if I tried to complain, the Starrs would be excused and would probably get a favorable police report.
It was important to keep Andy out of this as they went after him more and more. They were always trying to cause a confrontation. They really wanted a two party situation for their own benefit. -My neighbor, working with Ofc. Siegal, had actually gotten 3 wks. of no screaming, but this was still Det .Hawkin's case, and that did not last.
Lori and John use our side of the house to get to their studio in their backyard and they make a lot of noise, slam the gate, yell to the front and back of the house, slam the garbage cans and trespass, John being more and more aggressive at it .But, if you look, Lori complains we are hassling her/ them. This path is scary because Lori and Mark threatened to burn down the house and this is the closest they can get to it. Mel and John both say insulting loud things as they go between the garages, and as they went through one time, John was up to our fence which comes off our garage on a diagonal just staring through it.
1-2001. Still cold. Less accessibility to me/us .
Very bad, long ,loud family fights,inside, backyard, yelling,shrieking, banging,etc.:
.1-13-2001.Typical family fight. Lori is mad at her mother.This is very bad with loud yelling and banging inside and in the backyard. Lori and John are in the backyard. This is not directed at me. Lori takes off in her car and avoids police. This is the way Lori yelled at her mother almost every day in 11-99 only it was worse in 11-99. These outbursts are jarring and unnerving. You don't know when they will happen but you do know they won't stop.
2-12-2000- Lori -big fit-hears me say something on my phone in my house she doesn't like ?, says she's going to police st. to complain . I don't know if she did or not.
2-26-2001-Typical family fight, very bad. Lori is mad at her mother. Loud yelling, banging, and screaming in backyard. Lori refers to me, fence, at end.
3-14-2001 --- Another typical, very bad, long family fight, inside, backyard, loud, banging, wailing, not directed at me. For a while, it seemed Lori might go back to fighting with her family, but it didn't last. It's warmer. I'm in the yard more. Lori starts watching me, listening to my phone calls- when my phone rings, all talking stops in her yard-and she starts talking about me again for hrs.3-28-2001-Lori in yard near fence. Tells father to bring Mark somewhere-I think police st to complain that Mark is uncomfortable to sit in his backyard and a warrant should be issued for attempted murder. This is upsetting. Will she ever stop that? I drive to police st. to drop off tapes. I think I hear Mark In the parking lot say, "Oh no, what is she doing here?"- I give the tapes to Det, Hawkins who is busy on the phone and I talk briefly to him.
3-30-2001-Lori slams trash cans by fence with what sounds like metal--very loud.- Lori says she is going to the police station to complain about me looking at her. I am right back to Lori focusing on me again, for hrs and hrs. I only had a break when it was cold.
4-2001. Another awful month. Lori is concentrating on harassing me as much as she can with new techniques. -

(1) from either 2p.m or approx. 7p.m.,5 days a week, when she gets home from work. She practices her synthesizer in the backyard- loud. She does incomplete songs or high pitched notes which are unbearable after one half hour. I think she also plays a tape of her practicing and goes inside her house and leaves it on. On,4-5-01,she did 5 hrs, on 4-6-01,she did 3 hrs.
2)---Or she puts her radio on talk radio, or a music station with a lot of ads, on static, and then goes into the house and leaves it on in the yard These are the hours I use the yard. I can't use the yard and I can hear it in the house. This is not bearable for anyone in her yard. Her mother and brother are home all day and when her brother wants to sit by the pool, she turns off .Sometimes, she and Mark leave it on and they talk loud as they can over it..She leaves it on when her father and husband are home and they are not outside. They know what she is doing. This is also when Andy wants to relax by and in the pool after work.
-4-14-2001- I couldn't stand that radio thing. It was deliberately so loud, it hurt,- much louder than if it was a party,.I called the police, they arrived, and I showed them the recorder near my porch door on a chair. The police are standing 2 ft. from the recorder and you can hardly hear them talking to me. Lori's player is aprox.60 ft away,30 ft. across my yard and into hers, unless she had it closer to the fence. The police go to Lori's house, she turns the radio off, the police leave, she starts yellling over machinery turned on at a residence on 35 st.,and starts playing the radio again. She complains she is being taped. She either ran out of things to complain about or she doesn't want any proof or evidence of what they are doing, They are certainly capable of intimidating witnesses.- I just had to drive away. When I talked to Det, Hawkins about this, he said that the police said it was loud, but not that loud.---.?
(3) Then, she walks around singing in different voices, tones, pitches, due to her vocal range and volume, getting louder by the fence. This schreech singing became a big problem as she deliberately did it louder and longer and up more to the fence.
4) Or, she reads out loud-loud- things, like manuals in all different voices and pitches, high, low, squeaks, etc., again due to her vocal range, saying things like, "Tomorrow, we will discuss 500 things to do with bubble gum." And she does this sitting by the fence-ALL MONTH.
The fence with slats is mostly now blocked. I put a big beach umbrella sideways to cover more to cut down on the visibility when the Starrs stand up to the fence and harass us. I noticed a space by my clothesline, looked through, and there is Lori with a video camera at me, smirking. Lori is still constantly talking about complaining to the police or calling the police on me.
The harassment on anyone who is in the property is also escalating, the situation not tolerable in the north front or backyard. We have to tell everyone what to expect if they dare to show up here and have really cut back on company, even casual and for short periods of time We have to warn them. People are not guinea pigs to see if the Starrs will behave or not. And they are getting much more brazen.
We have a door to the backyard off the center of the house facing east. Lori can see this door opening, over the fencefrom her studio or yard, and she will come right out to bother us, sometimes with papers she wrote to read outloud at us. We justhad to stop using that door and enter the backyard through the garage door where we let a big bush grow out near the door to block our visibility to get into the backyard.

I had outpatient and oral surgery and both times I had to call Det, Hawkins and ask that Lori could not send the police over while I was recuperating or when I just got back from the hospital. At this point we had to warn everyone about the neighbors, and it didn't seem right to ask someone to sit over here while I was recuperating who would have to listen to the screaming and banging, couldn't sit by the pool, and could be harassed getting in and out of the car in the driveway. So, I was alone and would be too sick to get up to talk to the police. Det. Hawkins did call me back when I was home after surgery and said, ok, Lori could not send the police over that day. I really don't think anyone else in Lighthouse Point could imagine dealing with this or would want to.
The neighbors to the east of the Starrs have dogs that bark when the Starrs go off. There is a new dog south of the Starrs that barks. Lori calls the police on the dog.
5-2001.---5-1-2001. Lori rattles her garbage cans with something that sounds like metal---Very, very jarring.
5-2-2001.Lori sits by the fence reading loudly and directs comments to me and directly talks to me like," I'm going to do this every day this summer." or ,"Just try and sue me."etc. I realize they have been listening to my phone calls- a good clue- she and they stop talking when my phone rings.
5-3-2001- I complain to Det. Hawkins that this is unbearable. This has to be stalking. He said that he would come by to hear her but there was a thunderstorm that got her away from the fence.
5-4-2001. Friday-It's raining. Lori can't sit or stand by the fence. Det. Hawkins says he will most likely arrest Lori for stalking on Monday. He will have a talk with the State Atty., fill out some affidavits, I will have to answer some questions, and he will probably be watching her in my yard on Monday. I cancel a Drs. appt. to be home on Mon.
5-5-2001. Gee, why am I not surprised? John, Lori's husband, called the police to say I or we were hassling Lori. The officer who came to our house was the same one who had come the day she was arrested, 4-3-2000. I explained Lori's technique of getting police reports for future harassment. The officer said the the complaint was that Lori can hear me talking on the phone, in my house.This is ludicrous. Lori stands in her backyard facing this house, talking, threatening, and screaming about us on her phone any time she wants, day or night. She's done it a lot- since 1999. The officer said there would be no police report. I later found the date on the complaint sheet.---I was upset. I left messages for Det, Hawkins saying I thought he had explained his plans to the station as a policy
.5-7-2--20001. Monday. I talk to Det. Hawkins. He was annoyed. He said the officer only knocked on our door. Well, who want the police and a patrol car at their house for this? He asked, was I talking about Lori? And, at that time, I really wasn't, that her name didn't even come up in that conversation. .So, he said, see, she's crazy. This was getting very strange. He had already asked questions like -Why don't the other neighbors call in? because they did and nothing happened and Lori and her family will retaliate--look what they did to us/me. - that child abuse visit bothered a lot of people - they don't want them coming to their house for something like this. Why doesn't Andy call in?-because she/they already ruined his house ,they will ruin his life. I didn't say all this then but didn't enough other people call in? Weren't there enough direct witnesses? My neighbor to the south of us was home with his father most of the day helping to take care of him and they were getting the full brunt of the loud attacks. He did complain. It is also hard for a man to watch women and kids get treated like this. The Starrs were already trying to get Andy more and more involve especially in a direct confrontation probably so it could be a two party situation,
I said giving her those police report just helps her harass me. Det Hawkins said ," What am I supposed to say ? Gail doesn't want her to have police reports?" I said it wasn't as if it had only been 2 wks. It had been 11/2 yrs. He said John Watras had called demanding a police report for 5-5-2001.
Det. Hawkins said he was waiting to hear from the State Atty,'s office on the stalking charge .Then he called back to tell me that the tapes were ok'd by the State Atty's office, which they had been all along , nothing new , but then, guess what?-He had talked to Lori and she didn't want the police report and she sounded coherent and and normal and she said she was talking medication. So, they was no need for the stalking charge, and isn't it nice everything was all better or something like that,------????-------What was this? I asked him if he had seen the medication and he said no This was shocking, like a big brushoff . I didn' t say that to him. I think I said something like I don't think it's safe to stick a kid in my yard or something like that .I was really shocked. So that was it. Stuck with Lori, all the Starrs and the whole mess again. I referred, not to him, to this as the Lori magic pill thing. the new excuse for the Starrs..
Lori is now furious, doesn't make noise outside, but yells in her parent's house. She never stopped talking about me. She and Mark discuss what to do in the yard and go someplace to complain, and now they say they need police reports! The same thing they've been doing all along- trying to get police reports to say they are the victims, to take where? I called Det. Hawkins and said I'm not going through this again. And, that Lori was a ticking time bomb
.5-21-2-001. Lori goes somewhere with John and comes back furious . I believe Lori knows she is in trouble and is trying anyway she can to get out of it or to get us in trouble.
It is evening and Andy is in the pool cleaning it with a brush. I am near the pool Lori lets loose, calling us, "M----- F-----!-,threatening us, saying there would be no peace unless tapings stopped. Her husband yelled, "Harassment! What's it gong to be Blondie?" This was jarring. We didn't say anything back. I taped it and gave it to Det.Hawkins. This is terrible. Andy cannot even relax in his own pool after work. Lori /Starrs still control our yard. She/they can yell and harass us anytime they want
5-27-2001. Lori spends the rest of the month trying to find ways to say I am harassing her. It was hard enough already to get in and out of the car in the driveway She sits in front of her house and honks her horn(?) One incident- I was in the backyard where I could see the north side of the house where our driveway and the road is. There's Lori in her car backed up and stopped 1/2 in front of our property directly looking at me and honking her horn I wondered what she was doing and went to the porch garage door to look out and there was her father in his driveway videotaping me! What was that? Mel had a big smirk on his face as if he had really gotten something.

June 2001. 6-1-01. Mark and Lori come home mad. Mark is yelling inside the house something about,"because we don't have a police report!" Later, Lori is yelling she'll do something about it. At approx. 6:30pm, I was getting into the car in the driveway, and Lori came running out up to me saying, "Don't go anywhere I'm calling the police on you!" This was upsetting so I went back into the house. An officer pulled up in front of their house and Lori, John,Mel ,and Sandy went to the patrol car parked in the road. Lori was really loud saying we tried to kill her brother,- Mark did not come out to lie to the police again-,we put paint on the road,- a truck had dropped an open paint can-,etc.etc. John complained we were taping Lori. -By this time, witnesses were intimadated ,and the Starrs wanted no evidence, the tapes were evidence, and it isn't far fetched to suggest they wanted to continue to harass us with no evidence.-The officer was there at least 15 mins.and left. I called dispatch. It was Ofc. Swigit and he had written a police report.! What they wanted.
This time I called Chief Terney and left a message on her voice mail. Our former neighbor who had no luck trying to stop Lori's screaming, loud synthesizer,etc. said to call her. I did previoudly, but her sec.referred me back to Det. Hawkins. I said I couldn't do both-having Lori/Starrs screaming at me any time of the day or night, and having them her/them call the police on me/us whenever she/they wanted,and getting police reports to further harass me/us, and I really didn't want child abuse back or the sheriff. dept back delivering a R.O.'s hearing, and this was Lori's/their plans to get police reports to bring to agencies.
-Det Hawkin's statement,"See, she's crazy." when I complaind about an ofc.and a patrol car at my house when Lori called in and said I was talking about her on the phone in my own house and I wasn't talking about her was unnerving and unsettling.This appeared to be more of a convenient agenda. Det. Hawkins had said this before.I think I said stalkers weren't stable people anyway.
There is a big difference between someone so out of it they have no idea what they're doing and conniving, directed, stalking, sociopaths, and just plan troublemakers.This is a sophisticated neighborhood and people knew the difference, and they were fed up..Det. Hawkins had said ,well ,sociopaths were crazy. And Det. Hawkins was excusng the three men for reasons no one could understand.- I said, on Tierney's voice mail, that this diganosis sounded too subjective and generic, and I thought Lorit was a compulsive sociopath capable of calculatingi, and I was tired of being harassed. No reply.
6-3-01. Lori comes home screaming, "What can i do with this?", presumably the report.
6-4-04 Lori has fierce screaming fight with family.

6-5-01.TRULY HORRIBLE. Afternoon. I had gone into the backyard to pick up the pool area and to clean the grill, trying to be quiet so Lori wouldn't bother me. Lori knew I was there and started making these scraping noises at the fence exactly where I was. Then she started singing about me at the fence for some time I also got 2 phone hangups. Mel came home and Lori told him I had been hassling her (?) Mel went up to the fence and started threatenind me. I turned on the recorder.-Previously, when Mel threatened me at the fence and I grabbed the recorder for protection, Mel had made this scoffing sound, like ,ooooh, as if it was no big threat.- Then, Lori said, "It's showtime! "and actually stood on a chair at the fence overlooking the 6 ft. fence into our yard and house and started yelling at me inside my house.I was really shocked .I had gone into the house when Lori started and had left the recorder by the porch door, which was a big mstake because I was afraid to go back out and get it and the tape ran out , so I missed a lot. I only got Lori's warmup, not the really bad yelling. Lori was yelling this Pledge of Allegience thing interjected with complaints and lies, and she was yelling directly at me into my house .I grabbed the camera and she yelled, take my picture, which I did. This went on for about 20 1/2 hr. Lori was also videotaping herself standng on the chair overlooking the fence and yelling at me. Mark told her while she was videotaping herself to vidoetape our house. Then Lori said she was going to call the police. This is where my tape ran out.
I called dispatch and said Lori had started out singing at the fence and now she was standing on a chair at the fence yelling at me in my house with her father and brother there. I also called Det.Hawkin's voice mail. Dispatch said she would page Det. Hawkins and send an officer over. I asked who, and she said Swigit. This was the same officer who the Starrs talked to on 6-1-01.
By this time, Lori was yelling so loud, dispatch could hear her over the phone from inside my house. My three neighbors had also called the police and were waiting for them in the front of their house. Andy had come home to leave me the car and take the van, so he was there. Lori was still really screaming and Mark was standing by the fence insulting me. We said nothing as usual.

Two patrol cars showed up, one to me, one to neighbors .I was outside waiting for them at the garage porch door. Lori was still screaming,They had to tell her to get down from the chair at the fence.
And then, Ofc. Swigit came up to the porch door, directly up to me, less than a foot away, right to my face, screaming at me, "One of you is getting arrested. I'm tired of coming here!" and he didn't care who was listening I never forgot this .I was really shocked, started to cry, and said I was getting an attorney .He left. I called dispatch, very upset, and she said Sgt. Rayner would be coming to our house .Sgt. Rayner was nice, and he said Ofc. Swigit would not be coming back. I explained the whole mess and played tapes of Lori screaming threats at me. He said he he'd been there 2 yrs. ago when she had attacked her brother. I thought she had attacked John. The police had to yell at Lori to get her to stop screaming They had to tell her to get down off the chair at the fence Lori said I was a hobo and a whore and who was I to complain about her .Dispatch had paged Det. Hawkins and the police were waiting for him because it was his case. Det. Hawkins finally arrived, annoyed, walked up to Sgt Rayner, who was standing next to me, and asked him if he had heard Lori screaming. He said yes and Det Hawkins said,"OK arrest her." But then, to my horror and shock, Det. Hawkins says to Sgt. Rayner in a whiny sing song voice,"Gail just won't give it up.Gail doesn't believe Lori is crazy." I was shocked. What was this all about? I said what's to give up? Every time I let my guard down as if nothing would happen, I get slammed and it hurts more. I said I was getting an attorney.
Det. Hawkins went to talk to Lori and family. He returned to Andy and me, hostile .He said the Starrs said I upset Lori by making noises by the fence, their sliding glass door makes noises and when I hear it, I make noises. What was this? I don't do that. I didn't even think of that. In the backyard, there were 2 garbage cans, one on wheels, and a grill. Remember, Lori had been slamming her garbage cans with metal or something which was very loud and jarring, and I had told Det. Hawkins this before .I went into our backyard with Det. Hawkins.He took out empty garbage can on wheels and rolled it around to see how much noise it made. I was directly on the other side of the can across from him when he stopped and then, he looked at me across the can and then, he belligerently and deliberately waved his arms in front if my face .What was he trying to do, get me to react so he could blame me? I was shocked. I never forgot he did this.
We went back inside our house. Det. Hawkins told Andy that Lori has to back her car in front of our house to get out of her driveway. I said she backed upp stopped, honked her horn, starred at me and when I opened the door, Mel was videotaping me with a big smirk on his face. There is a difference between this and backing out. Why did he bring this up anyway? I see that Lori had just covered two of her offensive acts, both of which I had told Det. Hawkins about before. Det. Hawkins said Lori's father did not have bail money.
I again pointed out that Lori has recording equipment and makes her own demos. If there was anything to record, he would have gotten it Did he get any tapes from them in 11/2yrs? .No. Did anyone ever say we did anything in 11/2 yrs? No. Det. Hawkins left. I remembered this, 'Won't give it up thing.".It struck a nerve. Lori had been yelling that awhile ago when she knew she was caught, could probably be sued, and was running out of ways to hassle me or try to get me in trouble. And when Det. Hawkins drove up,it was the first thing he said. I called Chief Tierney's voice mail and complained about the whole thing,in a nice but exasperated way, especially about being yelled at by the police. I did get Hawkins a copy of the 6-5-01 tape, which was incomplete when it ran out. I also got him a typed complaint about the Starrs' behavior. And I knew he was no solution.
THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC, and intolerable. We knew we had to sue in Circuit Court to get any help. The Starrs were out of control and the police behavior stunned everyone. I had told Det. Hawkins that this was police protected stalking, and he had said there's no such thing. There was, and he/they were doing it.

Diary cont. 6-7-01:Lori, Mark, backyard. Mark says the arraignment isn't until Aug. Lori yells at least twice," I'm going to complain about the house at that arr." What arr.? Did they get another noise violation ? Lori starts complaining that I did something to the pool pump and she is calling the police. Mark said he didn't want to see the police that afternoon, so they didn't call. That's how they operate.
6-17-01. Lori, Mark. Mel, and John. Loud pounding in the fence.12:30 pm. And very loud talking. They are stapling white opaque plastic on their side of the fence in big sheets. Lori is complaining that she is being videotaped. We don't vidoeotape. We don't even own one. I don't even continually record her I only record when she/they scream, threaten, or harass me. But this is the way she is. This is better for me, because now I don't have to see them when they harass me at the fence, and I don't have to try to block it from my side.
6-20-01.Lori starts reading thing in yard and loud discussion about us.
6-21-01.Lori yelling in yard, not major.
6-22-01. Another bad ruined evening.

Lori did her radio thing from approx.6pm-7:45pm, leaving it on in the yard when no one was there, just to be annoying, not the loudest because it was drizzling so she probably had it in her doorway .But who wants to heart things like really loud car ads and the theme from Hawaii 5 0? This is nothing the family could stand in the yard, but they know she is doing it,.It ruins any relaxing in the pool. This timing affects Andy-this is when he uses the pool .Previously, she would usually stop when he came home, but now it seems she is trying to start an argument when she knows he is outside. Approx., 7:45pm, Lori turns the music up louder and John now in the backyard says in a loud, annoying voice, "Go ahead, torture the wonderful neighbors Go ahead and torture them!" Then she turned on talk radio really loud and started calling threats standing near the fence. Jonn said, "They're going to burn. They're going to burn."Lori started screaming threats toward us and started complaining I threw feces in her pool.
She also yelled,"I want them gone! I want them out of here!' referring to us. This continued for approx.15 mins. Then she went into her parents' house and screamed for about 1 hr calling her mother a f------ whore for swearing at her.

In Nov.99 ,Lori decided to drive me, then us out of town and used any avenue she could, with her family's support. That family's behavior was intolerable before she started on us. We had already lost normal use of a residence for over 11/1 yrs. This property cannot even be rented out without informing the rentee of the problem next door. This family thinks they have mastered the art of harassment without being arrested. The behavior of the men is getting worse.



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